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Vatsayan Foundation's vision is to drive a grassroots volunteer movement to champion the cause of Compassion for Community



Our mission is to serve the under priviledged communities especially those who are vulnerable and have been left behind in the digital age. The foundation will focus on three key areas of Education, Health and Environment in communities that are living below the poverty line.

Ramautar and Ajit Vatsyayan family members will be the primary source of funding for the foundation, however, activities run by the foundation will not be limited to family funds. To scale up the foundation activities in order to serve the underprivileged, donation from the pubic and friends of the family are welcome. .



Vatsayan Foundation core mission is to serve underprivileged communities and provide support to families for basic necessities.


The foundation will through is website and social media platforms provide

  1. NGO Network--an online network for like minded Non Government/Non Profit organization to organize and scale up activities to serve the community
  2. Calendar of Events-list of events focusing on community services for volunteer to help out, and community awareness
  3. SEVA--A online platform for a Society Engaged in Volunteering Activities that allows Volunteers to choose events they would like to help out and track their volunteer hours while gaining Volunteer points to exchange for goods and services
  4. Education Network--allows schools in underserved communities to register and receive funds, scholarship and grants to continue their non-profit service



To keep administration costs close to zero, the foundation encourages and accepts volunteer service and will occasionally post paid jobs/internships. If you feel you have a skillset that the foundation could use or would like an internship at the foundation, please reach out to admin@vatsayanfoundation.org


We can be reached at 

Email: admin@vatsayanfoundation.org

Phone: India +91 96615 55199 | USA +1 732 394 9024