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At the top of each screen there is an opportunity to register. Click on the register button and you will be presented with a registration page. You can register as an individual or as an Organization.
It's a simple 2-step process. Click on the Login button on the home page,  and click on “Individual” or “company” and follow prompts to “Register” button
Step 1: Fill in your details with valid email address
Step 2: Activate your registration by clicking on the link sent to you in the welcome email.

A registered organization is able to display organization details, list school they run in underserved communities and list their funding needs. They will also be able to advertise events seeking donations and volunteers in addition to networking with other non-government organization who serve the community

A registered individual is able to research scholarship opportunity, volunteer opportunity, earn volunteer points and exchnage theme for goods and services

Registered members (Individuals/organizations) will benefit from having access to a one of its kind digital platform that is designed to serve both the community and the non-government organizations to carry on their activities in the community to improve the lives from one generation to the next.

There is a password reset / username reminder feature on the website where you can request a username reminder or reset your password. If your e-mail address has changed from the one that you have registered on the website, then you should contact us for assistance

No, once a member register under individual, he/ she cannot register with the same details for the company and vice-verse. An admin company/organization account belongs to the company and is not meant for personal individual use.

As an individual you can search for scholarships, grants and earn volunteer points using the SEVA network

Don't worry, it happens to everyone. Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link at the sign in section to enter your email and we'll send you a link to reset your password.