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Yoga Drive

The COVID pandemic has been, without a doubt, a trying time for many people.  Amidst the reality of contracting an airborne virus, people were forced to maintain social distancing. In India alone, there are over thirty-seven million cases reported. With one affected loved one comes the fear of possible infection of other loved ones. These events are mentally exhausting and excruciating. 


To further compile the stress of the pandemic, a world-wide lockdown was put into place. This led to job loss, strained relationships and difficulty handling daily management. This inevitably supported a dwindling mental health state amongst many people. The reasons are obvious, we're social beings, and any attempt to isolate us from human interaction (especially in the heat of a crisis) reflects negatively on our mental state of mind.


During the pandemic lockdown, our Foundation remained committed to helping the people. The realization that more and more people were fighting serious mental health issues made us launch an outreach to strengthen the yoga culture. We started by reaching out to schools in the community and donating yoga mats to teachers and students as well as to children in orphanages. It was one of our many efforts to contribute our small piece to humanity.


Our foundation is keen on health, education, and the environment. Through this campaign, we were not only helping the community but also improving the delivery of education in the environment. Teachers who are in a stronger, more positive mental state of mind will ultimately be more useful to the students they teach. Additionally, they'd be able to teach the benefits of yoga to our younger generation.


To achieve something better for the Communities, the Ramautar & Ajit Vatsayan Foundation will continue to provide compassion and kindness for humanity. Every compassionate act makes the community a better place.


Yoga is an ancient practice respected by many. It's a mind and body exercise that exploits meditation, breathing, and physical movement to improve wellness and overall wellbeing. Yoga has since spread from Indian to the west as a potent tool for mental health and physical wellbeing. This ancient exercise exploits "chakras" or energy centers where negative energy can be stored. The exercise outlines effective ways to dissipate negative energy, mediate, and improve your overall wellbeing. There are many online tutorials and classes that can get you started today.