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SEVA--Our Core

SEVA is all about selflessly helping others without expecting any returns--so is Volunteering. Our SEVA platform allows every citizen in Society to Engage in Volunteer Activity. Seva starts at home but has no boundaries and definition on what it means to help as long as it is a selfless act of helping someone. Ramautar Vatsayan championed the act of Seva, always willing to help others unconditionally--it could be offering scholarship, jobs, internships, housing opportunity, relocation, and yes even helping arranging marriages, and offering counselling. Those who knew him understood that even if it was not within his scope to offer help, Mr. Vatsayan would go out of his way to find someone who would offer the needed help. 


BECOMING A VOLUNTEER: An Act With A Positive Outcome For Everybody

Volunteerism is a powerful act that humanity possesses freely and uses to solve a variety of community and environmental issues. The Vatsayan Foundation strongly believes in the power of helping those in need. And through their platform SEVA© (Society Engage in Volunteering Activities), the Vatsayan Foundation encourages people from all over the world to become volunteers in making our communities stronger, healthier and more educated.

Unfortunately, the practice of volunteering is not as widespread as we would wish it to be.  Depending on the region of the world, monetary donations might be more prevalent, therefore, overshadowing the benefits of volunteering. However, volunteering for a good cause is equally as important as financing a project. Although both are needed, becoming a volunteer involves giving one of the most valuable but easily attained resources that humans have: their time.


Vatsayan Foundation’s SEVA© Platform for Volunteers 

Promoting volunteerism needs to be encouraged among society. With this idea in mind, the Vatsayan Foundation developed the SEVA© platform, a place where members of a society engage in volunteering activities and be rewarded for it. By introducing the SEVA© platform, the Vatsayan Foundation hopes to increase the awareness for the need of volunteering to be a more common practice in India.

This is a great way to involve young and old people alike.  Volunteers have the chance to share their knowledge and skills with others as well as the opportunity to experience an activity that they might not usually be part of. It also offers participants the chance to reach new levels of awareness by learning new skills and exploring outside their comfort zone.

If more people, especially youth, begin to join volunteering programs, India can improve the living conditions in underserved communities.  SEVA© platform is an easy and friendly alternative for people to get involved in the invaluable act of becoming a volunteer to create a long-lasting impact for generations to come.  


The Positive Aspects of Volunteering 

Although volunteering doesn’t entail compensation, it does provide many positive values to those who give their time to improve the lives of other beings. Besides feeling good about knowing a person was part of an improvement, there are many positive effects that a volunteer reaps.  Benefits of volunteering include sense of belonging, builds stronger bonds within the community, and sense of accomplishment. Additionally, research shows that doing a kind act for another person, reduces stress by releasing oxytocin as well as increase serotonin, dopamine and endorphin, all of which aid in increasing happiness—also known as Helper’s High.

Since volunteers are exposed to different situations that otherwise they wouldn’t learn about, it also turns people into more compassionate and open-minded indivuals. Getting more exposure can be done on location (for example, distributing hygiene kits) or from home (such as tweeting)—both forms of volunteering come across information about people’s needs in other parts of the world, and it makes a difference in understanding and appreciating the privileges we may take for granted.


A Volunteer is Essential to Finding Solutions  

Not all charitable work can be sustained by money alone. It also requires people to raise awareness for a cause through various forms, whether it be public speaking or assisting in distributing flyers. More people are needed to provide extra hands to carry out  projects such as distributing food, educating the youth or entertaining the elderly to name a few examples.

Despite being so common in countries in North America and Europe, there is not enough data about India and how volunteering penetrates its society. However, it’s estimated by United Nations that there are 970 million people globally volunteering, and one in four volunteers do so through organizations, while others help within their communities. In terms of economic impact, estimates place the value of volunteer work at 2.4% of the entire global economy. 

The United Nations acknowledges the act of helping people without expecting anything in return by establishing International Volunteer Day, which is held each year on the 5th of December. In order to fix any of the problems that humanity is facing, the effort must be made jointly, and volunteering increases the chance to find a solution. 


Volunteers are crucial for projects to succeed in communities…be it in the field or from home. For example, it can be volunteering time and strength to help with a non-profit’s logistics through a distribution campaign, or running a foundation’s social media from home to enable them to reach more people, as well as any duty and every skill in between. Whether it be for one hour per month or a weekly commitment, your help is needed.  


VOLUNTEERS: If you wish to perform a selfless act of doing something without expecting anything in return, please go to our SEVA© platform to view volunteering opportunities.


NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: If you have a cause that requires assistance, please contact the Vatsayan Foundation, and we will assist you in placing volunteers.