“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~Mahatma Gandhi


Humanitarian, Retired Teacher

Retired Senior Teacher, who has spent 30 years teaching, tutoring and coaching young minds of Patna, Bihar in the Government High School. Also, is an Executive Member of Vishwa Buddha Parishad and has been an active volunteer in many charitable causes for the past 40 years, including increasing welfare for the underprivileged, higher education opportunities for all citizens, improving the living standard for those in need to name few.

BA, B.E.D, NCC Second Lieutenant ~ Bihar, India

Through this foundation,I hope to continue to make a difference in my community and improve the lives of those so desperately needing assistance. I’m honored to be part of the Foundation, and strives to achieve many great accomplishments with the help of those willing to make a difference.

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