“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

Centre for Social Action – We Can Make a Change Together

Written by Kavya Sethi


Here, at Christ University Bangalore, Centre for Social Action (CSA) is a unique student initiative where students try to sensitize the society about the various social evils that are prevalent and the condition of marginalized sections of the society. CSA aims to enable the society to be aware of the social realities around them as well as impart them with ideas of how they can contribute towards the upliftment of these sections.


Drishti can be better defined as the theater wing of CSA – or rather the voice of CSA. At Drishti each member has a passion for two things: acting and using their talent to bring about a social change for the positive. By conducting regular morning and evening practice sessions, Drishti volunteers try to master the art of performing on the streets under the worst circumstance and to be spontaneous according to the demand and reaction of the audience. So far, Drishti has been successful in spreading the message that it wants in many slum areas. The audience has been impressed and impacted, and there have been visible statistical changes in the lifestyles of the people who have witnessed the play. Drishti doesn’t only perform on streets but has also given some brilliant performances on campus as well. The fact that Christ University is a zero-waste campus has a lot to do with the plays Drishti has put up on waste segregation. Drishti volunteers have enacted plays on child labor, suicide, domestic violence, rape crimes in India, and flash mobs on occasions of Independence Day and World HIV Awareness Day to name a few and collaborated with a few NGOs as well.


As a member of Drishti, I would like to point out that it really isn’t an easy task to perform on the streets, the fact that you don’t have any microphones to gather attention make it all the more tough. Also the unpredictable weather doesn’t really help you. And not to mention the constant comments from the audience. However, with our painted faces and that passion in our heart, each Drishti member put what he/she has got into that one performance, and when those little kids come and thank you personally for coming out here and performing there surely is no better feeling.



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