“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

Food Drive ~ Help Stop Hunger

What is a Food Drive Exactly?  And Who Can Get Involved?
It is when a person or a group of people collect food items from the community, and then they distribute the collected food to those in need within the community.  Everyone is encouraged to get involved:  Individuals, Schools, Local Businesses, Large Corporations, Social Groups, etc.

What Type of Food are Collected?
Because we require a balanced diet, a variety of food donations are welcomed, preferably nutritional foods such as whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, canned/bottled/boxed foods such as sauces and pastas.  Because of the perishable nature of dairy products, meats and seafood, they typically aren’t donated.

How Can I Help?
→  Check out the postings in the Events page to see a list  of food drives happening in your neighborhood.  You can donated any item that you and your family can provide to help support other families in need.  Or get your company involved for a corporate donation.

→  If you don’t see a food drive near you, then it would be great if you could organize a drive of your own!  It’s simple and rewarding.  Below, read more about how easy it is to make a difference…



Here’s a chance for you to make a big difference with a little effort.  We’ll even help you advertise your clothes drive in our Events page.  Click here to fill out the form.  Meanwhile, here are some tips for a successful drive:

→  Choose an organization/group you believe is in need of proper nutritional food.
There are many people that lack proper nutrition, including orphanages and lower-income sectors with families who are unable to provide for themselves.  If you don’t have a particular organization in mind, the Ramautar & Ajit Foundation can distribute your collected donations for you.

→  Pick an ideal date.
Choose a date that works best for you and your schedule.  Also consider other upcoming events and holidays, so that they don’t conflict with the food drive.
NOTE:  If you’re doing a food drive over a period of time, request ONLY non-perishable items such as canned, bottled, boxed foods as well as dry grains (rice, lentils, etc).  However, if you’re having a one-day collection, fresh fruit and vegetables are much needed.

  Let people know what you’re doing.
Advertise your event by telephone, email, posters (homemade posters are perfectly acceptable–no need to incur any expenses).  Ask all your friends and families to tell all their friends and families.  Word-of-mouth is a great way to get the news out and inform people of this worthwhile cause.

→  Get your friends and families involved.
Ask if your spouse or parent would collect from co-workers.  Ask your children or siblings if they could collect at school.  Ask if your social group would collect from their friends and families.

→  Have a collection container.
A bin or box to hold the donations or bags to collect the food if it’s a one-day event.  This will keep the food clean and dry as well as make it easier for you to transport it to the recipient.

→  Remind everyone of the collection date. 
Some may have forgotten about the drive, so be sure to remind everyone.

→  Have helping hands on the day of collection. 
Or if you are collecting often during a period of time, it’s good to have someone to help with the sorting, packaging and loading.  If you are handing the donation to the Ramautar & Ajit Foundation to distribute the food, a volunteer from our organization will pick up and deliver the food.

  Let us know all about it!
We love to hear success stories.  Please share with us your experience to help motivate others…don’t forget to send photos.  Share Your Experience(need link)


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