“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~Mahatma Gandhi


The Ramautar & Ajit Vatsayan Foundation was formed in December of 2014 by Manish Vatsayayan and his family.  The family hails from Patna, Bihar in Inida.  While some of the family continue to live in Patna, the rest have moved to other parts of India and the world, yet remaining connected and striving towards the same goal: to improve the lives of those less fortunate and provide equality to all.


With a strong background in Education, the Vatsayan family has always been part of the community.  For three generations, in one form or another, the Vatsayan family have been donating their time and resources to improve the lives of those in need in the hopes to create a more sustainable economic growth to enrich the lives of all citizens, young and old regardless of class.


The purpose of this foundation is to increase the awareness of the need for community outreach programs and to provide those in need a chance to improve their lives through education, job force, improved living conditions and proper nutrition, to name a few.  The foundation, through the website,  will connect volunteers to charitable organizations and donors to worthwhile causes as well as enabling those who want to make a difference with an easier way to collaborate with their cause.


To learn more about the people of the Ramautar & Ajit Vatsayayan Foundation, visit the Board of Trustees page.

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